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1- At the control center at ESPN Zone in Chicago, shirking responsibility for various malfunctions, October 1999 (nvk)
2 - Exploring the marvels of infrared cameras and giant mirrors at the Chicago 
Museum of Science and Industry, October 1999 (nvk)

3 - My inner child breaks loose while covering the Youth Unlimited Convention in Pigeon Forge.
4 - On the Eaglevision set with one of the world's truly great human beings, Nick Dekker, May 1997

5 - Complaining about my ride home, as Tevye on the Fiddler stage, February 1998 
6 - My friend Nathan (a.k.a.Klippy), a skilled photographer, shows off at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry using a timed camera, October 1999 (nvk)

7 - The gang: Matt, Andrea, Lori, Justin, Klippy, Carolyn (2000)
8 - The women of my life: wife, mother, and sister (2001)

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